Psychological Therapy
My approach to
psychological therapy
Individually Tailored

Psychological therapy can be used for a whole range of reasons – this could be for help with difficult feelings, thoughts, or memories; to talk about and make sense of life experiences; or support with relationship difficulties. As a Clinical Psychologist, I have been trained in a range of evidence-based psychological therapies.  I am able to combine these models to create an approach to therapy that is tailored to each person I work with.


A primary focus of my work is on developing a positive therapeutic relationship in which people feel: heard, understood, and safe.  This positive relationship then forms the foundation for therapy and enables the development of self-understanding, resilience, and hope.  I also aim to ensure that therapy is an experience that is free from judgement.


Collaboration in therapy is about working together to: develop a shared understanding of your experiences and difficulties; address these difficulties; and move towards solutions. Collaborative therapy draws on the skills and knowledge of both the therapist and the person accessing therapy.  As a client, you will have expertise about your own life experiences, the things that are important to you, and your goals.  As a therapist, I will draw on my own clinical experience, as well as current research about what has been helpful for other people. 


I am aware that for many people, psychological therapy can be a bit of an unknown. I will do my best to de-mystify therapy. It is important to me to be open and transparent about my work and I invite you to ask me questions about my approach to sessions, such as why I ask certain questions or the psychological theories behind our work.

What to Expect


If it's your first time considering therapy...

If you have undertaken therapy before...

If you haven’t accessed therapy before, it can be a daunting or scary idea. You might not know what to expect or what questions you will be asked. I know from speaking with people that these are extremely common experiences. When I first meet people for therapy, I do my best to ensure that people feel as comfortable as possible and will be led by what you think would be helpful to talk about.  I am more than happy to speak on the phone prior to an initial appointment to talk through any concerns or worries you might have.

If you have had previous experience of therapy, you might have an idea about what type of approach works for you, or there may be things about your previous therapy or therapist that you valued.  It I will to take these things into account and discuss anything that has been less helpful.  


I offer appointments in Chorlton in a building which I share with other therapists. The rooms (pictured) provide a comfortable and calm space for us to meet. 

The rooms are walking distance from the Metrolink station and bus stops. There is also on-street parking in the surrounding area.

I will send further directions when we arrange to meet.